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Re: Size matters. Debian binary package stats

Benjamin Seidenberg wrote:

Michelle Konzack wrote:

Please not, that I had berween 12/1999 and 12/2004 a contract with a
Parisian ISP for a OC-3 and Hosting of one 19" Rack (210cm, 600kg).

I have payed including unlimited traffic 499.998 French Francs
(76.000 Euro) per month and my own Class-C Block registered at RIPE.

I heared (on debian-isp) that in the USA you can get a BGP4 routed
STM4 (622MBit) Fiber Optic for only 120.000 US$ PER YEAR !!!

Arghhhhh... Do I live in the false country?


Seriously? Where? I live in the states, and we pay approx. $50/month (600 USD/year) for residential DSL (I think, parents pay the bill). That's a 1.5m down/512k up pipe, with horrible reliability (alltel sucks). Where can I get the fiber optic for $10/year?


Oopps. Strike that. I read 120.000 as 120 dollars, I'm not used to the European '.' as the seperator, but the US ','. I also meant $10/month above, but that's obviously not relevant anymore.

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