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Re: /run vs. /lib/run

[Petter Reinholdtsen]
> One user is bootlogd, needing before init is started to store
> stats about the boot.  That is before both these points in the boot.

I managed to write bootlogd when I intended to write bootchartd.  That
is the package making statistics about the boot process.

[Anthony Towns]
> So how do you log the failure of mounting /run rw? Given this is supposed
> to be a tmpfs, and not something permanent anyway, having bootlogd store
> the output it's meant to be logging, and dump it to /var/log when it's
> ready seems fine anyway. Adding that to init would even seem pretty
> straightforward, along with an addition to telinit to, uh, tell init to
> dump the logs somewhere.

Sorry for the confusion.  bootchartd is a shell script collecting
information into a tmpfs area during boot, and packing it together in
/var/log/ when the boot is over.  It have no other way to store the
stats before other file systems are available but to put it in a tmpfs

> Sure, those were mentioned above (/ local, /var an NFS mount, or if
> /var is a tmpfs or similar, / and /var local).

In LTSP, / is a readonly NFS mount (and /var is on /, also readonly).
Because of this, I did not consider / local and your description did
not match my understanding of LTSP.

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