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Re: /run vs. /lib/run

[Anthony Towns]
> So why don't we go with this? Thomas?
> Here are the cases:
>     (a) /var on /, mounted rw during normal operation
>     (b) /var a local fs, separate to /
>     (c) / and /var separate NFS mounts
>     (d) / local, /var an NFS mount
>     (e) /var local, can't be mounted 'til a writable fs is available
> For (a) you just need to wait until S10checkroot.sh has finished.
> For (b) you need to wait until S35mountall.sh has finished.

But the potential users of this /run directory can not wait until
neither S10checkroot.sh nor S35mountall.sh for the directory to
appear.  One user is bootlogd, needing before init is started to store
stats about the boot.  That is before both these points in the boot.

Another is to update mtab, documenting every mount point as they are
mounted.  This should hot have to wait until after /var/ is mounted.

A third use is read-only clients (LTSP/lessdisks), needing a place to
store things generated during boot (mtab, motd, etc).  These work
around the issue by hacking the boot sequence quite a lot, but it
would be cleaner if no special handling is required.

As for /run vs /lib/run vs /somewhere on the root partition, I'm not
sure what I believe is the best option.  I see several valid points
for moving it away from /, and several for keeping it there.

Petter Reinholdtsen
One of those

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