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Re: switching to vim-tiny for standard vi?

On Wed, Dec 21, 2005 at 03:31:26PM +0100, Christian Fromme wrote:
> > vaguely dissastified by the change. If the result of this is that a)
> > base is not smaller, and b) vim users still have to install vim-nottiny,
> > and c) nvi users now have to install nvi, I don't think it's a net win.
> As much as I personally prefer vim, I feel your arguments a) b) and c) are the
> strongest I've read so far in this thread and therefore I also have to agree
> on the conclusion: Keep nvi as default.

Your conclusion is of course to be considered as all the others.

Still, we already discussed that (b) is not true: vim users will be
happier with vim-tiny than with vim even without

Since my feeling is that we have more vim users than nvi ones,
installing the former instead of the latter per default is a net win.

Assuming my feeling is correct of course ...

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