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Re: switching to vim-tiny for standard vi?

Summarising the thread so far, the issue does not seem to be very
contentious, there are some who like nvi but noone who feels very
strongly that it needs to remain the editor in base. 

A few places were identified where vim's defaults are particularly
umcomfortable to people who expect a standard vi, these include
autoindent being defaulted to on in the system wide vimrc, and
nocompatible being turned on there also, which makes vim -C not behave
as expected and enables lots of divergant behavior. vim's maintainer may
want to consider documenting/otherwise dealing with these if vim-tiny
goes into base and becomes the program people get when running "vi" by

I'd still like to know what Steve Greenland thinks of this, since he
maintains nvi. I think that if the maintainers of vim and nvi agree to
swap the one that is in base, that's their perogative to do now since
the thread hasn't turned up any particular reasons not to do it.

see shy jo

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