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Please test new sysvinit, sysv-rc, initscripts

A new version of sysvinit (binary packages sysvinit, sysv-rc and initscripts) has
just been uploaded to experimental.  The reason for sending it to experimental is
that a large number of changes were made, thus increasing the probability of errors.
And errors in sysvinit can be especially troublesome to users.  We would like the
release to get some testing by people who know what to do if things go wrong.  If
you can, please give us a hand and install version 2.86.ds1-7.

After installation you should have a tmpfs mounted on /run.  This has been created
for the use of that handful of packages that need a place to store run time state
files independently of networking.  Recently mentioned as needing such a location
was the bootchart package.  Ifupdown and resolvconf can use it too, instead of

After rebooting you should have logs of the fsck runs in /var/log/fsck/check{root,fs}.
You should have a rotated /var/log/dmesg, and /var/log/boot if you are using bootlogd.

Please check /etc/motd.  Is this now a symlink to /var/run/motd and are its contents

Try switching to runlevel 1.  Does this work as expected?

Now shut down.  Any problems?

Boot with INIT_VERBOSE=yes kernel parameter.  Is the boot more verbose?

Any glitches in any of the messages?
Thomas Hood

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