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Re: Debian and the desktop

Isaac Clerencia wrote:
> On Monday, 12 December 2005 22:26, Frans Pop wrote:
>>- a proper discussion on wether to keep things as they are now, default to
>>  "the other" desktop (no, not that one ;-) or a solution where the user
>>  is actually offered a choice during the installation (which has always
>>  been my personal preference).
> I also prefer asking the user, some people argue that the user doesn't know 
> about the difference between KDE and Gnome, but I can't see how that is bad.
> If a user has a desktop of choice, she will choose the preferred desktop, 
> otherwise he will just select both or a random one, but at least will be 
> aware of the existance of two different desktops.
> Ubuntu does basically that (people has to choose between Ubuntu and KUbuntu), 
> and people seem to like it.

No.  An Ubuntu install installs just that.  One may install the
kubuntu-desktop package to make it a Kubuntu system (and vice-versa).

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