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Re: Debian and the desktop

* Linas Zvirblis <0x0007@gmail.com> [2005-12-15 00:02:01]:

> David Nusinow wrote:
> >>>What are you talking about Debian Style?
> >>
> >>Color scheme, artwork (default wallpaper, login screen, even CD covers). 
> >>All those little things that would make a user say "Yep, that's Debian".
> >
> >Check out the windowmaker package. It has (or had as of a few years ago) a
> >beautiful Debian theme complete with a very nice wallpaper. Creating
> >similar themes for other window managers and desktop environments would be
> >great.
> I looked into it. Is indeed interesting artwork, but for something that 
> would represent Debian, it is way too personal (as in not neutral). Not 
> many people would find it acceptable for day to day use. Try that 
> wallpaper on a DE that has a couple (or better, a lot) of icons on the 
> desktop and you will see what I mean.
> The theme itself is also not too bad, but maintaining similar theme for 
> different DEs might cause more problems that it would solve. Anyway, 
> plain unthemed KDE and plain unthemed GNOME look pretty much alike, so 
> that is no problem.

so where can i have a look at this? could it please be put up
somewhere on the web?

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