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Re: Debian and the desktop

David Nusinow wrote:

What are you talking about Debian Style?

Color scheme, artwork (default wallpaper, login screen, even CD covers). All those little things that would make a user say "Yep, that's Debian".

Check out the windowmaker package. It has (or had as of a few years ago) a
beautiful Debian theme complete with a very nice wallpaper. Creating
similar themes for other window managers and desktop environments would be

I looked into it. Is indeed interesting artwork, but for something that would represent Debian, it is way too personal (as in not neutral). Not many people would find it acceptable for day to day use. Try that wallpaper on a DE that has a couple (or better, a lot) of icons on the desktop and you will see what I mean.

The theme itself is also not too bad, but maintaining similar theme for different DEs might cause more problems that it would solve. Anyway, plain unthemed KDE and plain unthemed GNOME look pretty much alike, so that is no problem.

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