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Re: congratulations to our ftp-master team

[Marc Haber]
> Acknowledged. Debian might have problems, but NEW queue processing
> surely isn't one of them (any more).

I agree that the NEW processing is working quite well these days, and
is no longer the source of much frustration in debian.  The
ftp-masters are doing a great job processing new uploads in a timely
fashion. :)

But it is not doing a great job with processing a few old uploads.  I
consider it a problem that no decision have been taken on the few
really old uploads (xvidcap, rte, mplayer).  I believe the maintainer
deserve a reply and an acceptance or rejection in a predictable and
reasonable time frame.  Waiting indefinitely is not acceptable, as the
maintainer do not really know what is wrong with the packages.  So I
do not agree with your statement that there is no problem at all with
NEW processing.  But this problem is a minor one, compared to other
problems in Debian, and compared to the problems with NEW processing

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