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buildd.debian.org (was Re: buildd administration

So for various reasons the buildd.net status code is not considered ready
to be integrated on buildd.debian.org, either by its author or by its 
maintainer or by Ryan Murray.  Fine, I understand.

Well, after looking at http://buildd.debian.org/~jeroen/status/ ,
I concur that it's as good a general interface to buildd status as buildd.net, 
and much better than the http://buildd.debian.org/ interface.

(The contact addresses and machine up/down statuses are a valuable part of 
buildd.net which *isn't* there, but that's another matter entirely, which 
requires different and additional work.)

However, even though this is on the same machine, this isn't linked from the 
main http://buildd.debian.org webpage, or from the Developer's Corner.  
Meanwhile, the andrea link on http://buildd.debian.org is completely dead.  

I politely request that a prominent link to 
http://buildd.debian.org/~jeroen/status/ be placed on 
http://buildd.debian.org/, and that the andrea link be either fixed or 
removed.  This should take less than five minutes for someone with access to 
the web pages.

Sending to rmurray as the listed maintainer of the webpages.  Cc:ing 
debian-devel on the theory that publicizing such a request will prevent 
duplicate requests.

Nathanael Nerode
neroden <at> fastmail.fm

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