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Re: buildd administration

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> writes:

> Setting up a buildd system do not require extra privileges from the
> Debian project, as far as I know.  Any Debian developer with his
> public key in the keyring can sign uploads.  The only privileges

Upload of autobuild packages from inofficial buildds is forbidden and
binary uploads of packages highly deprecated (autobuildability must be
there or security support becomes a nightmare). Ever since the big
flame last year when there was an inofficial network helping with the
backlog for alpha, mips, mipsel, m68k and arm.

> required to join the current buildd network is access to the build
> status database, and this make it hard for people on the outside of
> the current group of buildd maintainers to set up buildd machines in
> the existing buildd system out without help from the current buildd
> admins.  But setting up ones own database is not only possible, it has
> been done in the past.

Two things are restricted:

wanna-build - if you run your own then packages will be doubly build
incoming.debian.org - Packages/Sources files are only available with

That means that if you run your own w-b all of that arch has to
switch. And without incoming access you add another 24h delay to
builds. And you still have convince the same people giving buildd
access that your network is trustworthy and may upload debs.


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