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Re: StrongARM tactics

On Tuesday 06 December 2005 05:51 am, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
>+%libopenspc: i386 kfreebsd-i386                                              
# i386 assembler
>+%xmms-openspc: i386 kfreebsd-i386                                    # i386 
dependency (libopenspc)
>+pcsx: i386                                                          # i386 

I've tried to contact the maintainers (listed in the file) of the 
packages-arch-specific file for two of my packages in your patch, 
xmms-openspc and libopenspc, and have never received a response -- my sponsor 
said that the maints were very busy, so I've not mailed them since. Neither 
of these packages are going to work on non-i386 in the future, so certainly 
feel free to add them!

I'm also the maintainer of PCSX and its associated plugins, which will all 
likely go Arch: i386 in my sponsor's next upload of them. They *might* all 
build on other arches, but whether they will *work* is questionable. PCSX has 
terrifying code (to me), and I'm not sure which C routines dropping the ASM 
would reactivate, which could cause it to have even more random segfaults -- 
I have most of those on i386 fixed, but I can't test on other arches. Having 
said that, I'd prefer that it not be added to p-a-s yet, because I intend to 
somehow ensure that it works on other arches soon, and then I'll redo the 
Arch line.

Summary: please add xmms-openspc and libopenspc, but not yet pcsx or psemu-*, 
if you can.

Ryan Schultz

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