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Re: StrongARM tactics


[Steve's comments seem to suggest that patches to P-a-s might be OK, so
I'm CCing Lamont and Adam who seem to have done the last couple of
commits to P-a-s.]

Steve Langasek wrote:
>>Well, but that'd be something for the buildd-admin to collect.
>>(Or maintainers of the packages, but that doesn't seem to fashionable

> Um... no.  This is *porter* work; one does not have to be a buildd admin to
> analyze a build failure to see whether the package belongs in P-a-s, and
> there's no reason that the buildd admins alone should bear the
> responsibility for figuring out whether a permanent build failure should be
> fixed or ignored.  (Maintainers probably need to be involved in this
> process, but usually maintainers don't have the requisite knowledge about
> all our ports to make informed decisions on their own.)

Sorry, then I must have misunderstood the nature of the P-a-s file.
But then, I always thought of it as a relict that probably should be
gotten rid of once one believes that porters and maintainers can sort it
out by themselves.

>>The dep-wait is well inside the "some action of the buildd maintainer is
>>needed". The needed P-a-s entries could be handeled centrally if the
>>problem description is "pile of maybe-failed packages".

> Wonderful.  Nice to see that you think P-a-s entries are somebody else's
> problem that should be "handled centrally".
Well, that certainly is the impression I get. After all, sombody has to
commit the changes.
As for "somebody else": Attached is a patch for the build stuff that I
think I have figured out.

Thinks I don't know:

helix-player: don't know.
hotkey-setup: might also work on amd64 ia64 (depends on dmidecode)
              OTOH, maintainer usually seems to know what he's doing...
libpam-encfs: isn't arch-specific, see #340575. Maybe random arch
              disabling should be RC...
%ogre-contrib: i386 amd64 # don't know, in contrib
prj2make-sharp: i386 powerpc s390
      # amd64: #314517 without maintainer comment
      # ia64 arm unknown, others disabled in P-a-s

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/
--- Packages-arch-specific.orig	2005-12-06 10:25:15.000000000 +0100
+++ Packages-arch-specific	2005-12-06 11:37:06.000000000 +0100
@@ -23,11 +23,14 @@
 3c5x9utils: i386						      # PC hardware specific
 855resolution: i386						      # i386 chipset specific
+915resolution: i386 amd64 kfreebsd-i386				      # [?] *-i386? i386/amd64 chipset specific
 aboot: alpha							      # alpha boot loader
 %aboot-installer: alpha					              # alpha boot loader installer	
 acpi: i386 ia64	amd64						      # acpi is i386/ia64 specific
 %acpi-support: i386 amd64 ia64					      # [ANAIS]
+%acpica-unix: i386 ia64 amd64 kfreebsd-i386		      	      # [?] *-i386?  acpi is i386/ia64 specific
 acpid: i386 ia64 amd64						      # acpi is i386/ia64 specific
+acpidump: i386 ia64 amd64		  		    	      # [?] *-i386?  acpi is i386/ia64 specific
 %afbinit: sparc							      # Sparc gfx card firmware loader
 %alleyoop: i386 amd64						      # [ANAIS] - Depends valgrind
 %alsadriver: i386                                                     # i386 specifc
@@ -92,6 +95,7 @@
 %cvsup: i386							      # i386 specifc (needs modula-3 )
 %detect: alpha i386						      # build-depend on isapnptools binary
 %delo-installer: mipsel						      # mipsel specific
+dfsbuild: i386 alpha powerpc amd64				      # [ANAIS] debian from scratch installer
 %dmidecode: i386 ia64 amd64					      # [ANAIS]
 %drdsl: i386 amd64						      # [ANAIS]
 %drscheme: alpha amd64 hppa i386 m68k mips mipsel powerpc sparc	      # [ANAIS]
@@ -151,12 +155,15 @@
 %gpart: i386 hurd-i386 ia64 alpha arm mipsel amd64		      # little endian specific
 gprolog: i386 mips mipsel sparc alpha powerpc			      # from source
 %grub: i386 hurd-i386 amd64                                           # i386 boot loader
-grub2: !hppa !ia64 m68k						      # bootloader
+grub2: !hppa !ia64 !m68k !alpha !mips !mipsel !s390 !sparc	      # bootloader for i386/powerpc [?]
 grubconf: i386 hurd-i386 freebsd-i386 netbsd-i386		      # i386 boot loader
 grub-installer: i386 amd64 hurd-i386                                  # only useful if you have grub
 gspy: i386							      # i386 assembler source ccvt.S
 %gtkpbbuttons: powerpc						      # powerpc specific
+hdaps-utils: i386						      # [?] IBM laptop specific?
+%helix-player: i386 powerpc sparc				      # [ANAIS]
 %hostap-modules-i386: i386					      # i386 specific
+hotkey-setup: i386						      # [ANAIS] maybe amd64 ia64?
 %hurd: hurd-i386						      # hurd kernel
 %kfreebsd-5: freebsd-i386					      # freebsd kernel
 hwtools: i386                                                         # Contains i386 specific binaries
@@ -500,6 +507,7 @@
 %libgcr410: i386						      # [ANAIS]
 %libjpeg-mmx: i386						      # mmx-enhanced libjpeg
 %libmovtar: i386						      # i386 assembler
+%libopenspc: i386 kfreebsd-i386					      # i386 assembler
 %libsem: hurd-i386						      # hurd specific
 %libsendmail-milter-perl: !ia64					      # ANAIS
 %libparportled: i386						      # [?] ANAIS, <sys/io.h>
@@ -674,9 +682,11 @@
 raidtools: !ia64 !hppa
 %read-edid: i386	 					      # ioperm()/iopl(), vm86() etc. i386 specific
 red-carpet: i386						      # brain damaged upstream...
+ree: i386 amd64 ia64 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386			      # reads ROM from /dev/mem, i386/amd64/ia64-specific
 replicator: i386						      # i386 specific
 rio: i386 alpha							      # inb/outb (ab)use for port manipulation
 %rootstrap: i386						      # Depends on user-mode-linux
+rootskel-gtk: alpha amd64 i386 powerpc sparc			      # [ANAIS] udeb for graphical debian-installer
 %rsbac-admin: i386 sparc powerpc				      # [ANAIS] #229416
 %rscheme: i386 hurd-i386 powerpc alpha m68k s390		      # [p] Needs per-arch MM glue (cr2)
 %rscheme-modules: i386 hurd-i386 powerpc alpha s390		      # [p] depends on rscheme (& m68k has no fshell)
@@ -765,6 +775,7 @@
 %xfree86-driver-synaptics: !s390				      # Needs xserver-xfree86
 %xine: i386							      # i386 assembler
 %xmbmon: i386 hurd-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-i386			      # [ANAIS] sys/io.h
+%xmms-openspc: i386 kfreebsd-i386				      # i386 dependency (libopenspc)
 %xmovie: i386							      # [ANAIS] i386 assembly
 xpmumon: powerpc						      # powerpc specific laptop power management
 xserver-8514: i386 hurd-i386                          # xfree86       # i386 specific
@@ -1017,6 +1028,8 @@
 %mol-modules-2.6.10: powerpc					     # Mac-on-linux; requires a powerpc.
 %mol-modules-2.6.11: powerpc					     # Mac-on-linux; requires a powerpc.
 %mol-modules-2.6.12: powerpc					     # Mac-on-linux; requires a powerpc.
+nvidia-cg-toolkit: i386 amd64					     # ANAIS, installer
+pcsx: i386							     # i386 assembly
 tya: i386							     # Java JIT for i386
 # non-free

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