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Re: [kde-edu]: Sugg: Framework for Science Meters

Dear list, 

I would be delighted if anybody might contribute to this topic:

who knows of existing projects evaluating measurement deviced connected 
to serial ports (chemistry, physics)..? Free software that is...

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Subject: Re: [kde-edu]: Sugg: Framework for Science Meters
Date: Mittwoch 07 Dezember 2005 09:24
From: Karl Sarnow <karl.sarnow@eun.org>
To: kde-edu@kde.org

Excellent idea. I would like to promote the development of an
 OpenSource laboratory at Xplora.

We have some partner working on Webexperiments. Please have a look at
our webpages.

Brining in their experience might be useful.

 From my point of view, the OpenSource laboratory should focus on
Hardware interfacing to the USB port and Software taking signals from

I am sure that thre is a lot of softrware existing. Having an overview
would be nice.

Thanks for the initiative.


RalfGesellensetter wrote:
>Dear list,
>during "Linuxtage Essen" (Essen Linuxdays), some scientists addressed
>the lack of free interfaces to scientific gear such as thermometers,
>gyrometers, geigercounters, whatsoever.
>As a matter of fact, there are already loads of measuring tools - but
> it lacks integration and usabilities if we want to use them in
> school.
>This made me think: How about a framing project / application similar
> to ksensors? Existing implementations could dock into such framework.
> The framework itself could provide features like
>- data recording
>- data plotting
>- statistical evaluations.
>Also popping into my mind is ksimus datarecorder as one possible
>frontend. As it comes to realtime data, acoustic recorders could be
>another approach.
>What is your comments on this? Should we forward this idea to
> kde-devel?
>Cheers & merry nick day ;)
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