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Re: StrongARM tactics

On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 11:51:00AM +0100, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> > Um... no.  This is *porter* work; one does not have to be a buildd admin to
> > analyze a build failure to see whether the package belongs in P-a-s, and
> > there's no reason that the buildd admins alone should bear the
> > responsibility for figuring out whether a permanent build failure should be
> > fixed or ignored.  (Maintainers probably need to be involved in this
> > process, but usually maintainers don't have the requisite knowledge about
> > all our ports to make informed decisions on their own.)

> Sorry, then I must have misunderstood the nature of the P-a-s file.
> But then, I always thought of it as a relict that probably should be
> gotten rid of once one believes that porters and maintainers can sort it
> out by themselves.

It's the file that controls whether wanna-build feeds a given package to the
buildds for that architecture, and it's also used in calculating the
statistics on how an architecture is keeping up -- so figures directly into
whether an arch is a release candidate.

> As for "somebody else": Attached is a patch for the build stuff that I
> think I have figured out.

Ok.  Here's some feedback on some that I either disagree with, or don't see
enough rationale for.  (This is why, ideally, the process should involve the
porters and the maintainers...)

> +dfsbuild: i386 alpha powerpc amd64				      # [ANAIS] debian from scratch installer

Seems like it should be portable without too much trouble to other
architectures, if there was porter interest?

> -grub2: !hppa !ia64 m68k						      # bootloader
> +grub2: !hppa !ia64 !m68k !alpha !mips !mipsel !s390 !sparc	      # bootloader for i386/powerpc [?]

The medium-term goal is for grub2 to be portable to a range of platforms,
AIUI; I wouldn't close the door on this yet...

> +%helix-player: i386 powerpc sparc				      # [ANAIS]

Seems like this is a candidate for porting.

> +ree: i386 amd64 ia64 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386			      # reads ROM from /dev/mem, i386/amd64/ia64-specific

The description says this package "can also extract font data from video
card ROMs."  Are we certain this is specific to i386/amd64/ia64?

> +rootskel-gtk: alpha amd64 i386 powerpc sparc			      # [ANAIS] udeb for graphical debian-installer

Just because it's only built for these archs now doesn't mean this has to be
true long-term.

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