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Re: StrongARM tactics

On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 11:51:00AM +0100, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> Hi,
> hotkey-setup: might also work on amd64 ia64 (depends on dmidecode)
>               OTOH, maintainer usually seems to know what he's doing...

Also see #331280.  Afaik, there is no reason this couldn't be
changed to work on other arches.  It's not because something
doesn't build now it it that it should get added to P-a-s.

> libpam-encfs: isn't arch-specific, see #340575. Maybe random arch
>               disabling should be RC...

Also see the release policy about this:

> prj2make-sharp: i386 powerpc s390
>       # amd64: #314517 without maintainer comment
>       # ia64 arm unknown, others disabled in P-a-s

It's a mono packages, and that currently only supports a limited
number of arches.  P-a-s is correct in it that it should attempt
to build it on all of those, there is no reason to think it
shouldn't work on those.


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