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Alternate proposal for Declassification of debian-private archives



	I have been thinking about the kinds of reasons for not
 wanting to have a post to -private published. I came up with two
 major (reasonable) scenarios:

  a) The post contained sensitive material.

        In this case, if a reasonable case has been made for the
        material being sensitive, and one that the declassification
        teams accepted, then the material should be redacted from the
        post, and every post it has been quoted in. If it is sensitive
        in one post, it is sensitive in another.

  b) I do not want to be associated with the post in question

        In other words, if this showed up in google it may hurt my
        future job prospects post ;-). In this case, the post can be
        published, just every identifying  bit about the author needs
        be redacted from this post and the quotes.

 This latter action would, in my opinion, allow more of some
 informative, though heated, discussions to be available to posterity

        Also, we are, in effect, considering retroactively overturning
 a published privacy policy; I think that we do need to state up front
 that the copyright holders wishes would be heeded, even when the post
 in question is quoted in other emails.

        Here is a diff from AJ's proposal. I am now formally seeking
 seconds for this modified proposal, which has explicit guidelines for
 the most common case for not wantng the posts to be published.


In accordance with principles of openness and transparency, Debian will
seek to declassify and publish posts of historical or ongoing significance
made to the Debian Private Mailing List.

This process will be undertaken under the following constraints:

  * The Debian Project Leader will delegate one or more volunteers
    to form the "debian-private declassification team".

  * The team will automatically declassify and publish posts made to
    that list that are three or more years old, with the following

    - the author and other individuals quoted in messages being reviewed
      will be contacted, and allowed between four and eight weeks
      to comment;

    - posts that reveal financial information about individuals or
      organisations other than Debian, will have that information

-   - requests by the author of a post for that post not to be published
-     will be honoured;
+   - If the author makes a resonable case that some material is
+     sensitive, then that material is redacted from that post and any
+     other post where it has been quoted
+   - If the author indicates he does not wish to be associated with a
+     post, any identifying information is redacted from that post, 
+     and any quotes in subsequent posts, but the rest of the material
+     is published.

    - posts of no historical or other relevance, such as vacation
-     announcements, or posts that have no content after personal
+     announcements, or posts that have no content after
      information is removed, will not be published, unless the author
      requests they be published;

    - comments by others who would be affected by the publication of
      the post will also be taken into account by the declassification

    - the list of posts to be declassified will be made available to
      developers two weeks before publication, so that the decisions
      of the team may be overruled by the developer body by General
      Resolution, if necessary -- in the event such a resolution is
      introduced (ie, proposed and sponsored), the declassification
      and publication of messages specified by the resolution will be
      deferred until the resolution has been voted on.

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