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Re: Alternate proposal for Declassification of debian-private archives

Quoting Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org>:

>   * The team will automatically declassify and publish posts made to
>     that list that are three or more years old, with the following
>     exceptions:
>     - the author and other individuals quoted in messages being reviewed
>       will be contacted, and allowed between four and eight weeks
>       to comment;

What is this supposed to mean? If no comments have been made by the
author for eight weeks, messages will be automatically declassified?
It looks like a kind of opt out to me.

>     - posts that reveal financial information about individuals or
>       organisations other than Debian, will have that information
>       removed;
> -   - requests by the author of a post for that post not to be published
> -     will be honoured;
> +   - If the author makes a resonable case that some material is
> +     sensitive, then that material is redacted from that post and any
> +     other post where it has been quoted

Why is this necessary in addition to the following paragraph? Maybe I
did not understand correctly.

> +   - If the author indicates he does not wish to be associated with a
> +     post, any identifying information is redacted from that post,
> +     and any quotes in subsequent posts, but the rest of the material
> +     is published.
>     - posts of no historical or other relevance, such as vacation
> -     announcements, or posts that have no content after personal
> +     announcements, or posts that have no content after
>       information is removed, will not be published, unless the author
>       requests they be published;
>     - comments by others who would be affected by the publication of
>       the post will also be taken into account by the declassification
>       team;
>     - the list of posts to be declassified will be made available to
>       developers two weeks before publication, so that the decisions

Two weeks is too short to review, IMO.

Jérôme Marant

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