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Re: texlive-basic_2005-1_i386.changes REJECTED

Le mardi 29 novembre 2005 à 22:48 +0100, Norbert Preining a écrit :
> > When did I ask you to make one single binary package?
> Even if I take five packages each of it will be bigger than anything
> else in Debian and completely unable to be handled.

TeX is big, I'd expect packages to be big. How is it an issue?

> > And there's a duplication of most TeX components. I hope there is some
> > plan to merge those packages some day in the future.
> There is a lot of duplication in Debian, and up to now nobody has
> complaint. We are working on taking out and packagin *big* stuff (like
> font packages: lmodern, cm-super) so that they can be used with both
> teTeX and TeX live. The work on TeX live for Debian has actually led to
> this and an improved TeX Policy.

Why do we need two packages containing the "latex" command, for example?
When there is duplication, there is generally a reason behind it. We
have several "ping" packages, but they all have different advantages and
drawbacks. What does texlive's "latex" command bring that tetex'
doesn't? And if it brings something, is there any point in using tetex?

> > How can users know which package to install to get a working TeX system?
> Yes, a TeX system is *not* for the faint of heart! It is more complex
> and definitely bigger than anything in Debian. You cannot expect that a
> complete novice becomes a TeXnician by using the Debian packages. We
> take from the users the burden to care for formats, font maps and
> various other things. But flexibility has to be paid by complexity.
> That's live.

Bullshit. TeX is not that complicated, and it is used by
non-specialists. It is much simpler than a C++ development system, for
example. But when someone installs g++, he gets a working C++ compiler.

> > texlive-latex-base or texlive-foobar-stuff ? Worse, how can he know what
> > Debian package to install when a .sty is missing? Will it be in
> This has been the same since many many years: How does one know that if
> you want to install pshan.sty you have to install the cjk package in
> Debian? And this does not happen only with TeX files, I often enough
> have to search packages.debian.org for a specific file.

And we should try to avoid the need to rely on such tools instead of
increasing it. Most issues of regular Debian users can be solved by
installing the right package. But the problem is how they can know which
package to install.

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