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Re: texlive-basic_2005-1_i386.changes REJECTED

First of all, let me cast my vote for -doc-XX rather than -XX-doc.  It
makes much more sense from a sorted package names point of view, which,
as others have said, is important in package manager UIs.

[Norbert Preining]
> texlive-documentation-czechslovak texlive-cs-doc

Czech and Slovak are two different languages, 'cs' and 'sk'.  You
should check (no pun intended) to see if both languages are in there.

> Reasoning: We use names instead of codes as several of these packages include
> support for different languages/variants (greek: various versions of greek 
> with different iso codes, ...). 
> texlive-langafrican 		texlive-lang-african
> texlive-langarab		texlive-lang-arab
> texlive-langarmenian		texlive-lang-armenian

Hmmm.  Kind of ugly not to be able to use 2-letter ISO codes, but since
many of these are groups of languages it probably is the best you can
do after all.  (Reminds me of my childhood, when people often used to
ask me "Do you speak African?")

> texlive-pstricks		texlive-pstricks

Is "pstricks" a single binary, akin to psmerge or psselect?  If not,
I'd hyphenate further, something like "texlive-ps-tricks" or

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