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Re: Heimdal autotools dramas

>>>>> "Gabor" == Gabor Gombas <gombasg@sztaki.hu> writes:

    Gabor> It tests for the GLOB_QUOTE flag but that is not present in
    Gabor> glibc, so it decides that glibc's glob() function is not
    Gabor> good enough. See cf/broken-glob.m4.

Arhh... This brings back memories.

Now I just need to remember if GLOB_QUOTE is actually required or not.

    Gabor> Also, libroken.so contains only the symbol rk_glob(), not
    Gabor> glob(). I haven't checked the actual Debian package, but
    Gabor> unless it overwrites /usr/include/glob.h (which I highly
    Gabor> doubt) Heimdal's version of glob() will not be used outside
    Gabor> of Heimdal.

I suspect you are probably looking at an older version of the Debian
package, which renamed the function in order to eliminate this type of
problem. (I thought the new name was roken_glob() though).

Unfortunately, this patch didn't apply cleanly to Heimdal 0.7.1 (I
haven't investigated in detail why), and I was hoping it wouldn't be
required. I might be mistaken.

    Gabor> I've just tried a Heimdal-0.7.1 build here and libroken
    Gabor> does not have fnmatch.

Just the header file then, which I delete in debian/rules.

    Gabor> Heimdal is using the AC_LIBOBJ machinery.

Not familiar with this. Maybe thats why I was confused.

    >> I asked upstream Heimdal and got no response.

    Gabor> I did not see your mail on the heimdal-discuss list...

I sent the message to heimdal-bugs.

Maybe heimdal-discuss would be more appropriate?

Unfortunately, my laptop computer is throwing one of its "I will not
power on unless you remove my power source and batteries for several
days" tantrum, so I can't double check right now. Hmmm. Really need to
fix this.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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