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Re: Heimdal autotools dramas

My biggest concern with the Heimdal in experimental, is glob() in

To the best of my knowledge, it isn't required because libc6 glob()
does everything required.

I am concerned, because of the potential of the symbols conflicting
with the function in libc6.

The Heimdal configure script correctly detects that glob() is present
in libc6, but appears to build glob.c anyway, and it also installs

A similar situation appears to exist with fnmatch, but I haven't
investigated in detail.

Unfortunately, solving this is pushing my automake knowledge to its

lib/roken/Makefile.am has:

if have_glob_h
glob_h =
glob_h = glob.h

Some how that is being set in lib/roken/Makefile, despite the fact
have_glob_h is also set (this is confusing me!!!)

I simply cannot see where lib/roken/Makefile.am references
glob.c. However, lib/roken/Makefile references glob$U.lo and glob$U.o.

I asked upstream Heimdal and got no response.

Any help would be much appreciated.


PS. Source code is Heimdal in Debian experimental.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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