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Re: Heimdal autotools dramas

On Sat, Nov 26, 2005 at 11:44:48AM +1100, Brian May wrote:

> The Heimdal configure script correctly detects that glob() is present
> in libc6, but appears to build glob.c anyway, and it also installs
> glob.h.

It tests for the GLOB_QUOTE flag but that is not present in glibc, so it
decides that glibc's glob() function is not good enough. See

Also, libroken.so contains only the symbol rk_glob(), not glob(). I
haven't checked the actual Debian package, but unless it overwrites
/usr/include/glob.h (which I highly doubt) Heimdal's version of glob()
will not be used outside of Heimdal.

> A similar situation appears to exist with fnmatch, but I haven't
> investigated in detail.

I've just tried a Heimdal-0.7.1 build here and libroken does not have

> lib/roken/Makefile.am has:
> if have_glob_h
> glob_h =
> else
> glob_h = glob.h
> endif
> Some how that is being set in lib/roken/Makefile, despite the fact
> have_glob_h is also set (this is confusing me!!!)
> I simply cannot see where lib/roken/Makefile.am references
> glob.c. However, lib/roken/Makefile references glob$U.lo and glob$U.o.

Heimdal is using the AC_LIBOBJ machinery.

> I asked upstream Heimdal and got no response.

I did not see your mail on the heimdal-discuss list...


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                Hungarian Academy of Sciences

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