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Re: BTS down?

On Tue, 22 Nov 2005, Bastian Venthur wrote:
> Don Armstrong wrote:
> > On Mon, 21 Nov 2005, Gregor Jasny wrote:
> >> Bastian Venthur schrieb:
> >> > Can somebody confirm that there is a problem with the BTS?
> >> 
> >> I've got the same setup and the same problem. Still no confirmation
> >> from bugs.debian.org.
> > 
> > The BTS is currently receiving mail properly and acting on it
> > properly, as near as I can tell.
> Hmm strange, this was the first time I had any problems with the
> BTS. Is there a dummy-package like "foo" or "test" which exists only
> to test the BTS? If yes could you give me the name of it please?

No, there isn't. The BTS is (in general) working properly; the primary
question is whether or not the mail system between you and the BTS is
working properly. [If you want to just test things in general, feel
free to use the 'test' package on donbugs.donarmstrong.com.]

Don Armstrong

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by brute strength and ignorance.
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