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Re: BTS down?


Bastian Venthur schrieb:
> yesterday I've written two bugreports with reportbug. The bugs have been
> sent to bugs.debian.org and reportbug said, I'd receive an answer within
> the next hour. This was like 15h ago and I still did not receive an answer.
> Maybe this has something to do with #338900 (smtp connection direct to
> master.debian.org is fails) -- I had master.debian.org in my .reportbugrc
> too but a few days ago reportbug was not able to send messages to this
> server anymore, so I changed the smtphost manualy to bugs.debian.org, which
> seemed to work. But since I did not receive an answer and my reports don't
> appear in the BTS I wonder whether something went wrong.
> I never had any problems with reportbug and besides the change of the
> smtphost I did not touch the configs for a very long time.
> Can somebody confirm that there is a problem with the BTS?

I've got the same setup and the same problem. Still no confirmation from

Is there another possibility to report bugs (i.e. a web page) than
reportbug? Is my bugreport lost?


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