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BTS down?


yesterday I've written two bugreports with reportbug. The bugs have been
sent to bugs.debian.org and reportbug said, I'd receive an answer within
the next hour. This was like 15h ago and I still did not receive an answer.

Maybe this has something to do with #338900 (smtp connection direct to
master.debian.org is fails) -- I had master.debian.org in my .reportbugrc
too but a few days ago reportbug was not able to send messages to this
server anymore, so I changed the smtphost manualy to bugs.debian.org, which
seemed to work. But since I did not receive an answer and my reports don't
appear in the BTS I wonder whether something went wrong.

I never had any problems with reportbug and besides the change of the
smtphost I did not touch the configs for a very long time.

Can somebody confirm that there is a problem with the BTS?

If this is important:
$ grep -v ^# .reportbugrc
reportbug_version "3.15"
mode advanced
ui text
realname "Bastian Venthur"
email "expires-2006@venthur.de"
header "X-Debbugs-CC: expires-2006@venthur.de"
smtphost bugs.debian.org


Kind regards


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