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Re: BTS down?

Don Armstrong wrote:

> On Mon, 21 Nov 2005, Gregor Jasny wrote:
>> Bastian Venthur schrieb:
>> > Can somebody confirm that there is a problem with the BTS?
>> I've got the same setup and the same problem. Still no confirmation
>> from bugs.debian.org.
> The BTS is currently receiving mail properly and acting on it
> properly, as near as I can tell.

Hmm strange, this was the first time I had any problems with the BTS. Is
there a dummy-package like "foo" or "test" which exists only to test the
BTS? If yes could you give me the name of it please?

>> Is there another possibility to report bugs (i.e. a web page) than
>> reportbug? Is my bugreport lost?
> Just use reportbug; if necessary, point it directly at
> bugs.debian.org.

This is exactly what I did, but it did not work.

> If you give me the precise message ID and the time of your message, I
> may be able to track it down if it ever actually reached spohr.

Sorry, don't have it anymore.



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