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Re: what does Enhances *really* mean?

On Tue, Nov 22, 2005 at 01:07:25PM +0100, Andreas Barth wrote:
> * Peter Samuelson (peter@p12n.org) [051122 12:58]:
> > I thought that Enhances is merely the converse of Suggests, and that it
> > was invented for situations where it is problematic or inconvenient to
> > use Suggests directly, as when a main package wishes to suggest a
> > non-free package.
> > In which case, of course, if "foo Depends: foo-data", then "foo-data
> > Enhances: foo" is already implied.
> Agreed.

What I suggest was not this case, but more like the case when a package
is something like a plugin of another (libapache2-mod-* and
phpgroupware-* are trivial examples, but there's more like gkrellm-*,
where the gkrellm "plugins" don't depend on gkrellm at all, or guessnet,
that could be used stand-alone but it make sense to group it as
something gravitating around the world of ifupdown).



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