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what does Enhances *really* mean?

[Enrico Zini]
> My hope is that if more people start to use it, then package managers
> can start building features with it.

I thought that Enhances is merely the converse of Suggests, and that it
was invented for situations where it is problematic or inconvenient to
use Suggests directly, as when a main package wishes to suggest a
non-free package.

In which case, of course, if "foo Depends: foo-data", then "foo-data
Enhances: foo" is already implied.

What you're suggesting is that Enhances take on a new meaning: "package
has no functionality, so should only be installed as a dependency".
But that meaning is really boolean, it does not require a target
package.  The dependency graph already knows the target package.

Since it *is* just a boolean, I'd rather see just a package tag.  If
one didn't already exist, I would have suggested 'special::useless'.

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