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My IP address seems listed as a spammer address by bugs.debian.org

(this mail was CC'ed to debian-admin but I messed up in the To field)

Since yesterday, I'm afraid that my IP address is listed
on bugs.debian.org among addresses which get a "Go away" answer when
requesting a specific bug report (http://bugs.debian.org/xxxxxx)

>From discussions I had on IRC with Anthony Towns, this seems to be
caused by numerous requests made by my system to the BTS at regular

There's a reason for this: I work on several packages, some of them
having numerous bugs (mostly the samba package). I'm doing this work
offline most of the time and, for this reason, I need a copy of the
bug log for these packages on my laptop.

Thus, I used the "bts cache" command in a daily cron job for the
package I am the maintainer (samba, shadow, geneweb, a few d-i

After the first discussion I had with Anthony who kindly alerted me on
this problem, I drastically reduced the number of cron jobs, some of
them becoming weekly. However, I did not remove the cron jobs for
samba...and samba has lot of bugs reported....

It seems that this became enough for my address being listed...and now
I can't work anymore on any bug from my home system. 

I will probably use a workaround by using my ISP proxy server but this
just moves the problem elsewhere...

Is there something I can do for getting my address unlisted (apart
from again reducing the load I put on b.d.o...which I did again down
to the lowest acceptable refresh rate on my side)?

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