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Re: Licenses for DebConf6

Scripsit Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb@becket.net>

> It seems to me that the papers at a Debian conference are almost all
> related to programs in Debian.

You expect no contributions about release procedures, bug report
management, the NM process, dealing with disappearing maintainers,
models for collaborations with upstream authors, port status and
buildds, NMU policies and etiquette, etc?

> Personally, I'd like to read the papers.  It's a shame that Debian
> can't distribute them to me. 

If your entire contact with the outside world is through apt
repositories, you ought to rethink your communication strategy.

Henning Makholm                      "The compile-time type checker for this
                           language has proved to be a valuable filter which
                      traps a significant proportion of programming errors."

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