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Re: Licenses for DebConf6

It seems to me that we have some responsibility for the licenses used
on these presentations.

It also seems to me that we should structure our approach to these
licenses similarly to the way we approach other license issues.

That is: we should encourage people to use a DFSG license, and we
should label the presentations to let people know whether it's
main/contrib or non-free.

We don't have to exclude non-free presentations to encourage free software.

However, unlike other conference holding bodies (such as the ACM), we
aren't really in the business of collecting and selling copyrighted
material.  So rather than asking for a transfer of license to
ourselves we should be asking for a DFSG copyright on the material.

But SHOULD is not MUST any more than it is SHOULD NOT or MUST NOT.

You build a community by encouraging participation, not by mandating
it (nor by discouraging or forbidding it).  This applies to our part
in the free software community as much as it applies to anyone's part
in any other community.


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