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Re: iso2mirror

"=?UTF-8?B?Q2FuIEthdmFrbMSxb8SfbHU=?=" <eposta@cankavaklioglu.name.tr> writes:

> Hello,
> Some time ago I searched for a tool to convert my already downloaded and
> mounted stable Debian CDs into a mirror structure. However I failed (the
> ways was able to find didn't seem feasible or couldn't find the actual
> way, please tell me if something along the same lines exists).
> Thus I put together mine. I have a nice little Perl script, which
> converts the already existing CDs (ie. mounted on harddrive) into a
> mirror, either by copying or by making symbolic links, saving another
> 9Gb on the system, upon choice.
> As this is my first proposal of such a tool/thing, I would like to ask
> your guidance on this, shall I get it to utmost polished leetness and
> offer it to people or shall I not bother and be sorry I posted about this?
> Thanks.
> Can KavaklıoÄ?lu

There is such a tool and a very simple one. It is called "cp". Each
Debian CD and DVD contains a partial mirror that can just be exported
via nfs, http or ftp. The drawback is that you need one sources.list
entry for every cd or dvd you export.

So lets keep looking for something better than cp.

The next better (and ultimate imho) tool then is reprepro. reprepro
can build a repository out of several source repositories (cd1, cd2,
..., cd15) and generate the Packages, Sources, Release, Release.gpg
files needed for a proper archive. Reprepro will use hardlinks for
file urls and I think it has an option for symlinks (not sure) too.

The best part is that you can start by pointing reprepro to
'file://cdrom/' and run update once for every CD. Then you point it to
'http://ftp.<here>.debian.org/debian' and
'http://security.debian.org/' and update to the latest point release
and security fixes.

Imho reprepro beats all the other mirror and archive scripts like
debmirror (which I maintain) or mini-dinstall or any of the others for
your home mirror/archive.


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