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Testing-watch emails

Scripsit Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org>

> If you're interested in making this happen I'll be happy to give
> you any info I can;

OK, here are some questions.

 1) The copy of britney in merkel:/org/ftp.debian.org/ does not seem
    to be synced regularly. Is there a place where one can see the
    current code? It's not in the dak cvs (which appears to be
    out-of-date wrt the merkel mirror anyway), and I tried poking
    around on {cvs,svn,arch}.debian.org to no avail.

 2) Any advice on how to test patches to ftp-master code before
    submitting them? My own scripts I can dry-run by substituting a
    dummy command for sendmail and run them in the very place where
    they will eventually function. In contrast, construcing a test
    mock-up of the ftp-master environment to do test runs of a patched
    britney appears to be highly nontrivial.  Does some automation for
    this purpose exist? Or what do ftpmaster/release gurus do when you
    change code?

 3) Do you (or somebody in QA who reads this) happen to know how the
    'keyword' under which the PTS forwards emails is transmitted? I
    cannot find any code in katie that sets this. Does the PTS analyse
    subject lines for fixed patterns?

    (Currently I'm extrapolating from the documented
    packagename_cvs@packages.qa.debian.org syntax, but I'm not sure
    that is the Right Thing to do).

I'm not sure this is the right list to ask on, what with this being
technical matters rather than a flamewar. :-) Feel free to move to
somewhere appropriate, cc'ing me.

Henning Makholm                         "This imposes the restriction on any
                                  procedure statement that the kind and type
                             of each actual parameter be compatible with the
                       kind and type of the corresponding formal parameter."

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