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Re: Transition time: KDE, JACK, arts, sablotron, unixodbc, net-snmp, php, ...

On Tue, Nov 01, 2005 at 09:29:58AM +0100, Henning Makholm wrote:
> Scripsit Josh Metzler <joshdeb@metzlers.org>
> > On Monday 31 October 2005 09:54 am, Henning Makholm wrote:

> >> This confuses me a bit; I thought that 'autotrace' was in the mess too
> >> (due to libmagick and libpstoedit transitions), and had an upload to
> >> make it installable-in-sid planned for tonight, now that pstoedit has
> >> been fixed again. However, autotrace appears on neither of your lists.

> > http://packages.qa.debian.org/autotrace indicates that autotrace is not in 
> > testing right now, so supposedly it was already removed.

> Interesting. I don't think anybody will miss autotrace in testing for
> the time being (it exists mostly because it's a build-dependency of
> something), but it would be nice if the maintainter was informed when
> a package gets removed from testing.

This is a reasonable concern, but the standing policy is that if a package
is RC-buggy, it's a candidate for removal from testing at any time.  We
would like to get notices to maintainers set up, but in the majority of
cases the presence of an RC bug on the package is already ample notice.

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