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Re: Debian based GNU/Solaris: pilot program

On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 11:25:22AM -0800, Erast Benson wrote:
> To make it happen, we need to resolve "dpkg" issue and initial boot
> strapping process. Which is quite possible to re-write dpkg as CDDL
> software. But to avoid duplication of work, it will be wise for Debian
> community to release dpkg under LGPL license. Of course, if Debian
> community serious about non-glibc ports. If not, I doubt Nexenta OS will
> ever be part of Debian community and will continue its way more like
> Ubunutu. Think about it.

I'm getting really tired of this conversation going around in circles.

I think that to avoid duplication of work, it would be wise for Sun to
relicense OpenSolaris under the GPL.  What?  You don't think Sun would
do that?  Well, then why would you expect Debian to do something

This whole thing has nothing do with Debian being "serious" about
supporting non-glibc ports.  Debian's goal is to produce a free
operating system and make high-quality free software available for that
operating system.  Any discussion of whether we will generally support
non-glibc environments is at best tangential.  The only question at
issue right now is whether you -- specifically! -- can use Debian's code
in your particular non-glibc environment, Nexenta OS.  Please don't mix
issues like this!  It only adds to the confusion -- or worse, creates
the perception that you do not understand this distinction.

It really seems like you jumped into this "base our system on Debian"
thing without really understanding what Debian is about.  Consider what
you're asking for.  You're asking Debian to make changes to the license
of some of its core infrastructure in order to solve problems your
project has created *for itself* by choosing to work with CDDL-licensed

Besides that, you haven't even given us very many good reasons why we
should care about your problems.  You insist on making it sound like
somehow by not conforming to your needs, we're missing a great
opportunity.  I've got news for you: the great opportunity here was that
*you* were able to base *your* software on Debian.  And that only
happened because Debian protected your rights to that software through
the DFSG.

Think about it.


Kenneth J. Pronovici <pronovic@debian.org>

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