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Re: Transition time: KDE, JACK, arts, sablotron, unixodbc, net-snmp, php, ...

Op di, 01-11-2005 te 18:21 +0100, schreef Henning Makholm:
> Scripsit Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net>
> > So, would anybody object if I set up a cronjob that emails the PTS
> > whenever a (source) package propagates to, or is removed from, testing?
> It turns out that PTS mail does not ordinary get sent to the
> maintainer address, only to third-party subscribers. So I should
> rephrase:
>    Would anybody object if my cronjob emails the PTS *and* the
>    maintainer address?

Why do it that way?

If you set up a cron job that only mails to the PTS (to a new keyword,
one that by default sends to the maintainer address), then maintainers
can disable those mails if they want to. I suggest to make this opt-out,
because those mails are about something which has a very real and direct
implication on the usefulness of your package to your users; but if
there's a lot of objection, surely you could make it opt-in and announce
it on -devel-announce?

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