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Re: ITP: jahshaka -- Realtime editing and effects system

Just a few hints for the future:
 - you should not cc: a wnpp bug (ITP, RFP, ...) to d-devel, because these 
bugs go to d-devel anyway.
 - if you want to cc: a bug submission somewhere, please use the 
X-Debbugs-CC: header (read up in the bts documentation) instead of directly 
cc-ing, because that way the bts can insert the bug number and a proper 
reply-to header before the message hits the mailing list.

On Saturday 22 October 2005 22.58, you wrote:
> Description : Realtime editing and effects system

What kind of effects?  Show effects?  Sound effects?  Graphics effects? And 
what kind of editing?  Since effects and real-time are mentioned, I guess 
it's not a HTML editor... ;-)

The long description alludes to graphic effects since it mentions OpenGL, 
but I think this short description could be made more clear.

> - this ITP closes the RFP bug #200984

So why submit a new bug instead of just retitling the RFP?  (read the bts 
documentation:  send a mail to control@bugs with 'retitle nnnnn new bug 
title' in the body.

> Jahshaka is still beta, but it's really promising and having it
> packaged under Debian will allow more feedback upstream.

Depending on how beta the package is and how fast development progresses, 
you may want to open a marker RC bug so that the package won't enter 
testing.  Consider that when etch releases, you'll have bug reports on the 
version that was released with etch for > 1 year.  Etch is a long way right 
now, so you'll have plenty of time to think about that.

-- vbi

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