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Re: Effort to change IETF's copying conditions for RFCs

* Simon Josefsson:

>> But isn't the "this notice [...] preserved" part problematic?
> Yes, I suppose you are right.  I have changed the license into:
>         The Contributor grants third parties the right to
> 	copy and distribute the Contribution, with or without
> 	modification, in any medium, without royalty.  If the
> 	Contribution is modified, any claims of endorsement or
> 	official status by the IETF or ISOC must be removed.
> Is that ok?

Sure, but this might not be acceptable to ISOC, which might want to
see a "Portions Copyright (C) 200x The Internet Society" in derived
works.  IOW, preserve the copyright statement, but not the entire

But this is mere speculation on my part.

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