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Effort to change IETF's copying conditions for RFCs

Hi everyone!

I know the copying conditions of IETF RFC's has been a concern for
Debian in the past, and that the RFCs has been removed from the
official archive (?), so I thought this would be of some interest to
you.  I am trying to influence the IETF to change the copying
conditions on RFCs to make them more free software friendly.

I explain the current problems, and I try to put together a proposed
update, and I have a petition online at:


If you support this effort, or want to help, please sign the petition
or lend me some help!  Help with drafting the new license terms is
especially needed.

If the entire Debian organization want to support this effort, that
would be excellent, but just having a few Debian developers sign it
would help.


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