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Re: localhost.localdomain

On Sat, Oct 08, 2005 at 06:53:28PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> But it's then very hard to see if this breaks anything. After all, the
> relevant change was made in netcfg in July of 2004. For an entire year,
> it was in every system installed, and nobody complained, although a few
> of us noticed it and thought it looked a bit strange.

I had this problem since then because I use MySQL very intensively. But I just
didn't ask here. That doesn't mean that I made this up. Sometimes bugs are
reported long times after they appeared. The complaint is not about the
"strange looks" but about interoperation problems.

> If I make any changes, I don't want to have them pop up and result in
> another thread like this[1] in 1.5 years time when we're trying to release,
> or have just released, etch.

It is surely difficult to just remove it since newer applications may rely on
it. But shouldn't we better announce that intended change to
debian-devel-announce and ask for feedback if it breaks someone else's work?
Similar to library transitions.

> So far, this thread has not yeilded anything I can trust to that degree.

IIRC it yielded the fact that localhost.localdomain is has been added to fix
applications without being aware that it may break other applications. That's
a lot more than the first postings saying "you are inventing things", "it's a
known bug for MySQL" or "use localhost.localdomain in MySQL then" which all
weren't satisfying.

> [1] Especially not given the quantity of whining, hot air, uninformed
>     comments, stupid comparisons to red hat, etc that have made portions
>     of this thread such a positive joy to read.

Why so rude? I asked for comments on the "why"s. And all we had were
assumptions since nobody knew for sure. And even we now know how that entry
appeared we can't figure out why it went there and if it's safe to remove it.
I would stop emitting "hot air" if it wouldn't break other applications. But
it does. And this is not my workplace where my boss tells me "it has always
been like that". Let's change it.

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