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Re: localhost.localdomain

On Thu, 06 Oct 2005, Joey Hess wrote:
> FWIW, it was done as a result of bug #247734, which includes details on
> how every possible choice seems to break something and the reasoning
> that led to the current choice.

I read that bug report VERY carefully. Twice. There is *nothing* there that
seems to have been fixed/addressed by .localdomain, except maybe a DNS
timeout in Pierre's machine.  Everything else deals with the hostname.

Or am I getting confused and d-i uses localhost.localdomain as the default
hostname, and say, if I had told it that my machine is named "twerk", domain
"foo.bar" I would get a twerk.foo.bar twerk localhost

entry in /etc/hosts?

That would explain a lot...  but still make such a "fix" quite a bad idea.

>     Programs that access local services at the IP address obtained by
>     resolving the system hostname SHOULD NOT DO THIS, but those that
>     do so will not be disappointed: most services that listen locally
>     listen on all 127/8 addresses, not just on

This could cause trouble that is easily avoided by actually adding an extra
loopback address to lo (or a lo:1 alias if you have to use ifconfig) of  This is harmless and could be added statically and
unconditionally to /etc/network/interfaces.

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