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Re: dh_libtool proposal (-dev dependencies on -dev from libtool)

* Peter Samuelson (peter@p12n.org) wrote:
> I'd argue to go one step further and invent a virtual package like
> 'no-static-link-support' (well, a shorter name would be better) and
> generate each dependency on "libfoo-dev | no-static-link-support".
> Then I can install one little equivs package to prevent installing a
> bunch of -dev packages I don't need.
> But maybe that's just me.

It's not just you, but unfortuately libtool breaks when a .la file goes
missing.  It seems to me that's the main issue, and that should be
fixed.  Once that's fixed the need for the dependencies actually goes
away entirely.  The .la files aren't needed for doing shared libraries
and in general (and this is true for many non-libtool-using things) we
don't include static library dependencies in the Depends.  libtool does
actually survive just fine if the first-level .la files go missing in
fact, as I recall, it's the ones below that which cause it to break,
even for shared linking when none of them are needed at all anyway. :/

In the end I think this is a bad idea and we should instead focus and
spend time on fixing the actual problem than trying to build some hack
around it.



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