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Re: dh_libtool proposal (-dev dependencies on -dev from libtool)

[Jay Berkenbilt]
> Basic proposal: provide dh_libtool to automate this.  Note that this
> is called dh_libtool and not something more general to make it clear
> that it is addressing only the subset of the general problem that
> directly relates to libtool.

I'd suggest the name dh_libtool_deps or something - 'dh_libtool' could
be a lot of things - it might run some transform on *.la files to be
shipped, or update the in-tree copy of ltmain.sh from debian's libtool
package, or who knows what.

>  * Determine what packages provide the given .la files
>  * Filter out packages that are already in the dependency list
>  * Place the resulting packages in the libtool:Depends substitution
>    variable

I'd argue to go one step further and invent a virtual package like
'no-static-link-support' (well, a shorter name would be better) and
generate each dependency on "libfoo-dev | no-static-link-support".
Then I can install one little equivs package to prevent installing a
bunch of -dev packages I don't need.

But maybe that's just me.


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