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Re: localhost.localdomain

Klaus Ethgen writes:
> Thats the reason why I give more helpfull information too in the first
> mail.

You haven't given enough information.

> But why changing "localhost" to "localhost.localdomain"...

It wasn't changed.  "localhost.localdomain" was _added_.  "localhost" is
still there.

> There was everythink OK with the proven "localhost"-entry. No problemes
> was encounted with it.

There were problems that the addition of "localhost.localdomain" were
intended to solve.  You may not have personally experienced them but many
others did.

> It is absolutely irrelevant if the problemes are exactely specified or
> not.

If the addition of "localhost.localdomain" caused you a problem we need to
know exactly what it was so that we can fix it.
John Hasler

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