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Re: pbuilder status update


> > debootstrap test:
> > [FAIL] create-sid-debootstrap
> > [FAIL] build-sid-dsh
> > [FAIL] pdebuild-sid-dsh
> > [FAIL] pdebuild-internal-sid-dsh
> > [FAIL] create-etch-debootstrap
> > [FAIL] build-etch-dsh
> > [FAIL] pdebuild-etch-dsh
> > [FAIL] pdebuild-internal-etch-dsh
> > [FAIL] update-etch-sid.log
> > [FAIL] update-etch-sid-experimental.log
> This suggests to me that you're not passing --resolve-deps to
> debootstrap, which will always be necessary for it to work reliably for
> unstable/testing.
> Debootstrap has sucessfully installed unstable and testing in every one
> of my daily tests for at least the last three months.

Yes, I don't have --resolve-deps, in the hope that 
priorities are fixed by ftp-masters.

There needs to be a decision somewhere:
1. ignore priorities and go back to what it was before
 and make --resolve-deps the default in debootstrap
2. try to fix priorities/section


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