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Re: pbuilder status update

Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> debootstrap test:
> [FAIL] create-sid-debootstrap
> [FAIL] build-sid-dsh
> [FAIL] pdebuild-sid-dsh
> [FAIL] pdebuild-internal-sid-dsh
> [FAIL] create-etch-debootstrap
> [FAIL] build-etch-dsh
> [FAIL] pdebuild-etch-dsh
> [FAIL] pdebuild-internal-etch-dsh
> [FAIL] update-etch-sid.log
> [FAIL] update-etch-sid-experimental.log

This suggests to me that you're not passing --resolve-deps to
debootstrap, which will always be necessary for it to work reliably for

Debootstrap has sucessfully installed unstable and testing in every one
of my daily tests for at least the last three months.

see shy jo

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