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Someone to take over XMTLV packages


I maintain the Debian XMLTV packages.  I no longer use these packages,
and I would like to give up maintaining them.  I would normally just
file an O: and be done with it, but there are a lot of XMLTV users, and
I don't want to leave them completely hanging.  So, I'm looking for
someone to take over these packages, and then I'm willing to stick
around as a co-maintainer for a while if that would be useful.

The packages are clean and relatively bug free, with both existing bugs
related to upstream problems.

Anyone who wants to take these packages over should probably be willing
to follow the upstream mailing lists (if possible), because the most
frequent bug reports are for grabbers that are fixed in CVS but have not
yet made it into an official upstream release (like #320409).  The new
maintainer should also consider maintaining a backport to sarge like I
have been doing, since at least some of the grabbers are likely to break
in a permanent way before etch is released.

Upstream is reasonably active, although they have not been releasing as
often lately as they were in 2003 and 2004.  I have a good relationship
with them and I'm listed as a SourceForge developer for the project, so
I can make introductions as needed.  I'm also willing to help with
debugging in the future, even if I'm not listed as a co-maintainer.  If
I have to, I will also continue to host the backport APT repository,
although I would prefer not to.

Any takers?



Kenneth J. Pronovici <pronovic@debian.org>

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