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Re: Authentication problem with pbuilder

Quoting Junichi Uekawa (dancer@netfort.gr.jp):

> To summarize: today's sid was rather more unstable than usual
> due to shadow.

Please bash the shadow maintainers..:-)

Supposedly fixed in 4.0.12-5

There was a very transitional 4.0.12-4 during 15 minutes....which
claimed to fix the mess with su PAM file but didn't. I'm not sure that
4.0.12-5 will make it before dinstall run, unfortunately.

4.0.12-4 fixes the conflicts with manpages-xx packages, though.

I tried to fix all this as soon as possible but unfortunately discovered
about the problem very late in the day because of schedule
constraints. So, I attempted a very urgent upload with barely no
testing at all....not the usual way we handle things in shadow but it
probably deserved it.

Sorry, pals.

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